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Estimated Sale Price?


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I plan on selling my '93 SC 400 after tax season (pretty busy right now) and was hoping you guys could offer me some insight as to how much I should be looking for for this guy. There are mechanical issues with the car, as well as an upgraded sound system.


135k miles


May need lower control arm replaced (or just bushings?) - one of the wheels gets shaky/creaks going over bumps

Starting issue when the engine is warmed up (Some have addressed this as an IACV issue?). I can overcome this issue by revving the engine a bit (2k rpms) for a couple of seconds, but this will lower the value of the car.

Injen Intake put in 6 months ago

All speakers have been upgraded, primary nakamichi amp upgraded to a California 1000W amp. 10" sub box in the trunk w/ a 1200W California amp. Sirius receiver installed

Exterior is in decent condition. We've had the sides repainted, but the front still has quite a few chips in the paint layers. Rear has some webbing near the license plates.

I've been figuring around $4,000 for the you guys think this is too low/high? Any advice would be appreciated. thanks!

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