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Aux Input


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Is there a product that I can install tha twill give me AUX input in my non Nav stereo? I would like to hook up my Sirius.

This is on a 2000 LS400.

I used this on my 2000...

there is a way to use your CD changer, but I'm not smart enough to do it. I am happy with the sound quality, however. It is actually better than I expected.

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Hi All,
I have successfully wired in an aux 3.5mm audio jack to a first gen LS400 Pioneer head unit via the AM/FM radio audio circuit.
When a music source is connected to the 3.5mm jack, the audio is played together with the radio on both AM or FM channels. To fix this I simply cut the audio channels on the printed circuit board for the AM radio (I don't listen to AM!) so that there is no longer any AM audio signal being fed to the processor.

Therefore, this method converts the "AM" button on the head unit to effectively become the "AUX IN" function.

Here is how I did it:

80-img_20171102_223358_74032685b17caed79715c919c5f70e0984ab0730.jpgOriginal Pioneer LS400 Stereo
80-img_20171102_223438_d61f9062b794e61bf81d81ea42f6579afe296f72.jpgRemove the upper AM/FM circuit board from the radio

80-img_20171102_223453_efc5320a6925eb8b877c14c2b4c656d3f8d8f193.jpgLocate TUR and TUL audio circuits

80-img_20171102_225248_63782951c7aa55f57440b66d52bfd90615cbf653.jpgSolder in your Left and Right audio circuits of the 3.5mm audio jack to TUL and TUR circuits.
Connect the ground wire to a ground point on the PCB (grey wire in pic).

80-img_20171102_231122_744653b1cfdb13652cc7fa0d34f189b73d209c26.jpgLocate AM audio circuits AMR and AML.
Cut the tracks on the PCB using a knife to create an open circuit.
AM radio audio will no longer play through the stereo system.

After carrying out these small modifications simply reassemble the head unit and refit back into the dash. Route your new auxilary cable to your preferred location, select AM and connect your music player.


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I had these guys install one on my 98 LS400.  I requested to have the jack installed on the back of the radio so I could run a line to ashtray.  A switch was installed next to the radio's volume control for ease of use.  Cost was about $115 and turnaround time was real fast.  They can do just about any and all radios.  See photo below.





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2 hours ago, JonnyObnoxious said:

This is a sweet thread. I want to know how Factory Radio Service does it so I can DIY. On my 91 and 94 I'd probably mount it and a 12v outlet in the console. My 97 already has the 12v outlet in the console, so I just add the AUX port.

Send your head units to Factory Radio Service and they will do it for you for cheap.  They do not disclose their techniques.   They did a 2000 LS400 Nakamichi head unit for me in 2012 - added a 3.5 mm aux-in to the back of the head unit and an on/off push button on the front.  The last time I checked, they can install A2DP Bluetooth on a head unit so you don't have to connect to an aux-in.  Modern A2DP sounds just as good is a 3.5 mm.

On mine, I ran an aux-in cable out of the console near the ash tray and connected it my phone mounted in a cradle on my dashboard.  I mounted additional 12v outlets inside the center stack and hid all the wires leading to my phone.  

Wait!  I just found the old thread that has my photos of it: 




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