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Bent Hole In Transfer Case - Leaking Gear Oil - Advice? (2000 Rx300)


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I recently took my car to a Toyota repair facility for the investigation of a burning smell when driving aggressively. At first I thought it would be something simple like a plastic bag lodged somewhere within the car heating up. I did not notice take action on it until recently because the smell just recently got very strong. Unfortunately, it turns out that one of the holes in the transfer case is slightly misshapen (notch in it) and is preventing the seal from keeping the transfer case oil from escaping and creating the burning smell.

I had my transmission replaced (66,000 mile failure, ugh) at Butler Lexus of Macon exactly 11 months ago and I am still covered under their 12 month service and parts warranty, but I do not know if it will cover the transfer case. Thinking back, I do remember this slight smell back when this transmission work was first done, but it was very slight and has only recently gotten strong and easily noticeable because of the oil buildup. A tech at the Toyota facility I went to says that nothing could have caused this issue except a mistake during the transmission replacement last year. He says that it looks as if they dropped the transfer case or took a hammer to it to cause this particular damage.

I guess I am just seeking advice from forum members. I have contacted Butler Lexus and will be bringing my car in to them this week if possible.

Thank you for your time.



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