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Lexus Tuning


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Dear Lexus Owner´s,

when looking at the web I found that there are plenty of tuning companies for german cars (e.g. for Mercedes, BMW; etc) but none for Lexus.

What is the reason for this? Are Lexus Owner´s so happy with their car that there is no market for tuned Lexus cars?

Or did until now no company turn up that might fulfil the wishes of Lexus Owner´s?

What is your prefered model for a Tuning/Refining?

LS400 / LS430 / LS460

GS300 / GS400 / GS430 / GS 460

ES250 / ES300 / ES330 / ES350

IS250 / IS300 / IS350

SC300 / SC400 / SC430

LX470 / LX450 / LX570

RX300 / RX330 / RX350

Hybrid RX400h / GS450h / LS600hL


LF-A Discussions

Lexus IS-F

What kind of tuning would you personally consider for your Lexus?

- Interieur refinement

- Brake refinement

- Engine Tuning

- Optical Tuning (Bodykit)

- Custom wheels

I would be pleased about many many answers on my topic.

Thank you in advance for your support!

Oliver Kuehlein

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Lexus' are amazing as-is.

also there is not much of a market of aftermarket parts for Lexus' and most people that want to mod them like to do DIY stuff. has things for the GS and IS

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