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Hey all,

I have to thank everyone for all the great info first off. I just got a 92 ES that was pretty much babied by a 90 year old lady who took it to the lexus garage for service its whole life. dash lights were going out (not the needles, thank god), thats about the only thing i can see thats wrong with this thing.

I did read all the discussions about K&N's already, but could not see if anyone with a 92 has dropped one in. All the sites say 93-97 for that model but not 92. Now from what I can tell the engine is identical to a 93 and was changed to an aluminum block in 94.

So will this filter fit in a 92?

Also, after having a complete transmission meltdown in my other car (01 expedition, all wheels locked up going 35 mpg producing large chunks of metal from what used to be gears in the tranny) I wanted to get the tranny flushed on the 92 ES. I inquired about this at a toyota dealer figuring a lexus dealer would rape me and he said about $179 for a tranny flush. Does this seem accurate? that seems a little high considering there is no filter in this tranny to change either. He also said that this tranny took "special" fluid. Doesn't say anyhthing about special fluid in the owners manual. just dexII...

Thanks again for the help...I look forward to contributing

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I had my tranny flushed recently (I have a 92). It costed me about $179. There is a filter to be changed in it. If there were no filter, then the transmission would probably have to be flushed every oil change. This is a good price. I got mine done at an independent transmission service that used the motorvac transmission machine. The fluid is not special... it is Dexron III now as they do not make Dexron II anymore.

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First off, welcome! Second off, yes the K&N will fit a 92; it is the exact same motor. I bought a K&N for my 92 and when I totalled it, I put the same filter in my 93, so yeah it'll work just fine. I guess what they say about the filter lastin longer than the car is true! :lol: B)

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