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Air Intake Pipe


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Hello, I was wondering if anyone can fill me in on the air intake pipe. If you look in the picture, I squared the little hosethat sticks out from the air intake pipe. Can anyone tell me the function of that hose because I broke part of it off >.<. And how I should go about fixing this situation


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They remove the valve because it starts leaking after a few years. When it leaks steering fluid fets into the engine via that pipe. This causes a dramatic loss of PAS fluid plus loads of white smoke at start up and emission problems. The cost of a new valve is under $100 if you do it yourself but some people begrudge paying it. Like I said it's widely felt the vavle has very little noticeable effect on the steering. Some have trid just removing the 2 pipes and plugging them with little success. The only sure way to do it is to remove the vavle from the bottom of the steering pump and replace it with a 14mm x 1.5 drain plug as there is a lot of pressure there.

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