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Mufflers For My 97 Ls400


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I was thinking about just getting a couple of chrome aftermarket mufflers for the look. because for now I am in love with the silent power of my LS so I don't want to do the ENTIRE system

Since there are no cut outs in the 2nd gen bumpers I was thinking about getting oval tipped mufflers.

I'm just looking for opinions on something like this guy

And this is not a for sure thing yet I'm just trying to get some ideas!

Thanks to everyone!! :D


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Maybe I'll just get some oval cans with an offset outlet and get a nice tip put on them. I got under my car and noticed there is a slope to the bottom of the bumper and there are very small, very unnoticeable cut outs. and there are some metal bracket type things that would be in the way of a muffler of that type.

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So I went ahead and made a purchase.


These are going to look sick on my car, and for now I'm not going to do the entire system, just replace the piping out of the pre-mufflers with 2 1/4" into these puppies. I want to keep it quiet :)


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