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My Slow Sc300 Auto

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Hello all, :unsure:

I'm recently purchased a 92' Sc300 and have the following problems with the car. As a newbie (with this 300), I'm open for all inputs and thank you in advance.


1. Do I need to remove the intake monifold in order to change the spark plugs (2 mid one)?

2. My car is run extreemly slow on the pick-up. Does the auto trans have 4 spds including the overdrive. The reason for asking this is that when gas up from a complete stop, I only feel it shifted 2 times after the 1st gear.

With O/D on, RPM ranging 3K @ 60 MPH is this sound about right???

3. It is posible to DYI the head gasket on this motor or something that I should bring to mechanic? As it right now leaking some anti-freeze and bit of oil on the back side of the engine bay. (I suspected leaking from the head gasket)


1. Heated seat switchs did light up and it not hot either.

2. Traction button is there but not working

3. Power mirror & seat memory button are not working

4. On dash board, ABS & Airbag are on

Thank you all in advance for any inputs.


Life's begin at 165mph

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Were all the dashboard light on when you bought the car?

1. Yes you have to remove the intake manifold to get to the plugs (pain in the !Removed!)

2. 3k @ 60mph in O/D sounds a bit high but then again, I drive a 5spd so not completely sure.

3. If you know what you're doing, you could replace the gasket yourself but it will take some tools and a bit of time. Make sure it's the gasket before you take anything apart. Go to a mechanic and get a compression test. That should tell you if your headgaset is leaking.

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yea well us 400 boys got 2cylinders more and a litre more too so gearing is what is called for

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