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Brakes/brake Pads

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My son has also experienced the shimmy on his ES350 07....He just replaced rotors and pads with slotted rotors and pads and says the car has never been so smooth...I suggest going to aftermarket, as I too feel the pads should last at least 50k miles.. Heck my old RX300 went 90k miles on the original pads and the rotors lasted 120k before any indications of shimmy. here are the ones he installed:

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Ok I take back my son's experience with the aftermarket disks and pads. It is is vibrating again upon braking...Does anybody have a long term fix for the 2007 ES350 braking issues.?

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I have gotten 70k out o the factory pads and just traded the 2008 in at 198,000 with the factory rotors. My tip to longevity with the Toyota/Lexus brakes systems is cleaning up the rotors at pad replacement, lubricating the caliper pins and making sure the hub face is clean and the rotor is seated correctly. Then I also flush all brake fluid at each pad reline. Finally, I bed in all new pads by doing 30 to 40-35mph to 5 mph slow downs with a half mile of driving in between to properly transfer pad material onto the rotor surface without overheating. I then allow the brakes to cool off with a few miles of easy driving before shut down.

I do this with all new brake pads and have on 3 Lexus vehicles and 3 Toyotas and have never gotten less than 50,000 miles on a set of pads and less than 130,000 miles on a set of rotors.

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Well.... I am at 98K miles now..... third set of tires.... and third set of brake pads.....still the first set of rotors. I am amazed that I still have this car.... and it is funny to read my posts from six years ago.

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