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2003 Es300 Remote Programing

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does anyone know how to program 2003 ES300 remote control?

Try this:

'98 and up Lexus GS300, LS400, ES300, SC400

This system is based on the Texas Instruments fixed code transponder. The onboard computer cannot be programmed without a working pre-programmed transponder key. Duplicate keys can be programmed into the system as long as there is at least one working pre-programmed key available. The system can accept a maximum of 10 different keys.

Because the coding of the keys is proprietary and is protected by copyright law, cloning is not possible at this time for this system. Until Texas Instruments agrees to license this technology, the only way to program duplicate keys will be by the process outlined below.

Key blanks: Ilco / Silca TOY40BT4

Replacement key blanks can be ordered from any Lexus dealer.

Programming Steps: 1. Enter the car with a working pre-programmed key and close all doors. Simultaneously depress and release both the brake and the accelerator pedals. 2. Within 5 seconds, insert the working pre-programmed key into the ignition. Do not turn the key. 3. Within 15 seconds of inserting the ignition key, depress and release the accelerator pedal 5 times. 4. Within 20 seconds, depress and release the brake pedal 6 times. 5. Within 10 seconds, remove the working pre-programmed key from the ignition. 6. Within 10 seconds, insert the newly cut transponder key into the ignition. 7. Depress and release the accelerator pedal one time. The security light should now begin flashing to indicate that the computer is reading the new key and programming the system. 8. Leave the new key in the ignition for at least 60 seconds. When the security light stops flashing, the programming process should be complete. 9. Start the vehicle using the new key to verify that programming was successful. Wireless Door ECU Reprogramming Instructions: Remote (key) Transmitter PROGRAMMING

NOTE: The remote keyless entry system is equipped with 2 transmitters, having 2 unique vehicle access codes programmed into the wireless door lock ECU.


There are 4 registration modes:

Add Mode:

Adds a transmitter without erasing existing transmitter

codes. Four transmitter codes can be registered at one time. If number

of registered codes exceeds 4, previously registered codes are erased

in order, starting with first registered code.

Rewrite Mode:

Erases all previously registered transmitter codes and

reprogram new transmitters.

Confirmation Mode:

Informs user of number of existing transmitter codes already

programmed in system.

Prohibition Mode:

Erases all existing registered transmitter codes and cancels wireless

door lock operation. Use this function if transmitter is lost or stolen.

Registration Of Recognition Code: 1. To begin programming, remove key from ignition switch.

Ensure driver’s door is open and unlocked, and all other doors are

closed. Insert key into ignition switch, and then remove it. Go to

next step. 2. Complete the following in 40 seconds or less: press door

lock switch to LOCK position, and then within one second, press door

lock switch to UNLOCK position. Repeat procedure continuously until

door locks have been locked and unlocked 5 times. Close, and then open

driver’s door. Go to next step. 3. Complete the following in 40 seconds or less: repeat

procedure in step (2), except~ for closing and opening driver’s door.

Insert key into ignition switch. To enter desired mode, turn ignition

switch to ON position and back to LOCK position (one cycle), within

one second, the specified number of times. See REGISTRATION MODE

SELECTION table. Remove key from ignition switch. Go to next step.


Registration Mode No. Of Ignition Switch Cycles


Add - 1

Rewrite - 2

Confirmation -3

Prohibition - 5


4. If any mode other than confirmation mode is selected, go

to next step. If confirmation mode was selected, door locks will cycle

0-4 times depending on how many transmitter codes are stored in ECU.

Example: two stored codes equals 2 door lock/unlock cycles.

Registration of confirmation code is complete after door locks cycle. 5. Complete the following in 40 seconds or less: if add mode,

rewrite mode or prohibition mode is selected, to confirm proper

initiation, door locks will automatically cycle one time for add mode,

2 times for rewrite mode and 5 times for prohibition mode. Press

transmitter LOCK and UNLOCK buttons simultaneously for at least 1.5

seconds, and then within 3 seconds, press any transmitter button for

at least one second. Go to next step. 6. If within 3 seconds, door locks’ cycle one time, new

transmitter code has been successfully accepted. Go to next step. If

door locks cycle 2 times, new transmitter code was not accepted. To

program an additional transmitter or to make a second attempt, return

to step (5) within 40 seconds. 7.

Registration of recognition codes is complete under any of

the following conditions:

* Forty seconds has elapsed since wireless door lock ECU has responded.

* Driver’s door is closed.

* Key is inserted in the ignition key cylinder.

* Four recognition codes are registered at one time.

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