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Damn, I'll do it for half that. You can buy a pack of two bulbs at AutoZone and they will help you put them in. Shouldn't cost more that about 20 bucks and 10 minutes of your time. You can do it faster if you girlfriend isn't there asking dumb questions.


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That is unheard of from a Lexus dealer. they are the most friendliest dealers around. Get a pair from any auto store or walmart. Look at the pattern screw on pattern on the new light bulb (to get idea). Twist the bulb counter clock quarter way to open. Wiggle the bulb out. Replace the new bulb in the same but reversed manner.

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You probably told the dealer you needed a new headlight.....or he understood you that way.

If you replace the bulb yourself, make sure not to touch the glass part of the bulb.

If you touch it, the grease off your fingers will stay on the bulb and burn the bulb after a few weeks.

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I would think if you do end up touching the bulb a little alcohol on a paper towel would clean off any oil residue.

As an FYI Wal-Mart now sells the new Silverstar High Performance Halogen (bright white), model number 9006ST (low beam) and 9005ST (high beam), cost is $37.00/pair, nice web site for Sylvania for replacement guide.


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I'm *BLEEP*ed.....I bought some cheap bulbs off E-bay and they burned out after a month.

I figured I got what I payed for.

So I went to a local tuner shop and got a pair of low beams for $40....3 weeks later, one of them is out.....

I don't quite have the money for the HID conversion....but when I make it...who still sells HID kits? And who has tried what on the SC?

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