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Gs300 06 Rear Camera Image

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I recently purchased a used GS300. I noticed that when the backup camera is working the lower right corner of the image is partially blocked. When I took my car for service I asked the agent and he told me that it is normal that part of the image is blocked by the panel and nothing can be done. Is this true ?


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hello all,

i have a 2010 gs350awd and i swear i never noticed the "dark spot." i took delivery of the car 2 weeks ago.

unfortunately i was rear ended yesterday and i started to notice this hence the loc search.

im not 100% certain, but i think the camera has "shifted" over time in your case, and due to impact in mine.

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Guys... I know what the problem might be and it can be adjusted!

On this forum I think, I was looking for tips and tricks on how to access the onboard settings ( buzzer cancellation, screen options etc etc ).. and there was this trick where you can access the onboard settings by flicking your healight switches on and off 3 times... I dont remember exactly.

Anyways, in that hidden menu, there is an option where you can djust the angles and vortex setting of your camera. I fiddled around with it not knowing what I had done until I saw the angle of my camera change when backing up! Now I have the right hand side rear deck obstructing my view. I have no clue how to adjust it back!!!!

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