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Antenna Question


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Yesterday I did the oil on my aunts SC and had her get a new antenna mast off eBay since hers was stopping mid-way but you could stil hear the motor turning.

So I thought 'Ive been there before' since the same thing happened to our LS some years back. Very easy to remove and install. Not so much on the SC.

Followed directions to get it out but trying to get it back in was a PITA. Sliced open my hand on the thing at the bottom and the everytime I tried I could not get the wheel to engage these teeth. I would kind of feed it in but it would stop just like it was doing with the old one. It would even go up, to my surprise.

Anyway, ended up putting it in and disconnecting the motor until I figure out whats up. Is it the motor or assembly? SHould I take it all apart like LexLS did on his?? Great write-up, by the way. Love your site!

Antenna DIY

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When I did mine, I needed to take mine apart just to get the pieces of antennae out of there. It isn;t a hard job at all, so you might as well, but wear gloves, don;t want to get your cut infected on the major amounts of grease this thing has inside of it.

Best of luck!

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I hear ya on that one! I should of been wearin gmy gloves but was in a rush. Lesson learned! Curad fabric band-aids to the rescue again! These things stink on anywhere.

So it looks like once it warms up Ill be doing some work! Thanks for the help. Will report back soon.

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