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Radiator Leaks!


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Buyers beware!! Do not buy a Lexus GX 470 or any car from Lexus!! The radiators leak and Lexus refuses to stand behind the product. I would have expected this kind of treatment from Ford or GM, and now Lexus shows that they are no better than any of them.

I had a radiator leak in a new GX 470 that was just over the warrantee period. I contacted Lexus corporate for help because my dealer said there is nothing they could do. THIS WAS CLEARLY A MANUFACTURERS DEFECT. How does a radiator develop a slow leak at just a few miles over the warrantee period if it was not a manufacturers defect? Seriously, do they expect us to believe that they planned these radiators to be obsolete just over the warrantee period? If they did, that is criminal in itself.

Lexus Corporate took forever to get back to me. I had to call and complain about not getting a response before they finally got back to me. It was over a MONTH of waiting. When they did finally call, the person on the other end was a young girl who was READING a canned statement that had almost NOTHING to do with the problem I was having. She was totally ignorant about this problem.... I doubt she ever had even owned a car from the way she was talking. It is unbelievable to me that Lexus disrespects their customers to such a high degree when they attempt to portray themselves as so high end.

My friend just bought a Lexus Hybrid from Lexus and she has had NOTHING but trouble. The mileage was not as advertised. There have been all kinds of mechanical problems. Lexus has basically told her TOUGH LUCK, just like they told me. Clearly, as a buyer, you are on your own when it comes to getting resolution from Lexus about a problem.

When I bought this car, I really thought that Lexus was a different kind of car company. I thought that they were actually a luxury car company. With all the money I paid for this car, I am disgusted with how Lexus works with customers. I will never buy another one. If you want to be*BLEEP*ed and have a horrible experience AND pay all outdoors for a car, then buy a Lexus vehicle. Otherwise better look into BMW or Mercedes.

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Sorry to hear your problems, I have had nothing but good experience from Lexus and I have owned 3 of them. If your GX is brand new, how can it be out of warranty? If it is out of warranty, Lexus is not responsible for the repair, sometimes they will do it out of good will, but not all the time.

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Take it easy there my friend! First of all, we're very sorry for your terrible experience. Now as G Man just said, if your vehicle is out of warranty then Lexus is NOT responsible for any financial costs to your problem. They did NOT design the vehicle to break down right after the warranty period is up, because the vehicle itself doesn't know if the owner bought extended warranty or not, now did it? Try talking it out with your dealer and see if you guys can work out a plan to fix the problem (maybe 50/50 on the repair bill, or talk to Lexus USA again)..

Speaking of Lexus USA, you may not have had the best experience with them, but please refrain from insulting and badmouthing the representative you talked to by going out and talking about their salary and tying it up to their knowledge level.. It is highly POSSIBLE that you two weren't on the same page of the topic at hand. Just trying giving them another call and maybe they will be able to assist you this time.

Not everyone is perfect. That's why it is "Pursuit of Perfection". Lexus didnt disclaim that they ARE perfection. Mercedes and BMW have problems of their own (and you pay way more for them usually) so you can't expect Lexus to be 100% trouble free. Thank You.

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