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Need Help With Paint

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I bought my new SC400 little over a month ago. It's a nice bright renaissance red, but unfortunately the paint has faded. The problem was that the previous owner moved to Boston and left his car with his Dad out in Gloucester (its the town where that George Clooney movie "The Perfect Storm" was filmed). The car was most likely just sitting out there in the sun and salt air for months and having its surface worn away. I doubt the father was cleaning or waxing it.

It's not so bad that I'm seeing white streaks or anything like that, but its definately lost its shine/gloss. Right now I'm keeping it in an underground garage in my apartment complex. I'm wondering what are my options. I've bought a complete waxing kit, but I haven't used it just yet (its been raining/snowing all the time here in New England). Will waxing it help restore a nice shining finish, or am I going to need to just do a complete repaint job? If so, what are some places anyone can recommend. I know there has been a lot of naysaying about chain brands like Maaco or Scheib, but what if I paid for their top-of-the-line package ($1000+)? I've got the money and I'm not looking to cheap out on a $200 paint job. At the same time, I'd prefer not to spend $3000 since for that much, I might as well supercharge my car while I'm at it.

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i don't know much, but i just recommend to just repaint to your stock color that way they don't have to do a whole total repaint. Just the outside. i may seem a little bit expensive, but at least it'll save you the trouble. other than that i can't help you. other than that you can try to use your waxing kit. some products would claim to regloss your paint. i dunno. :wacko:

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