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License Plate?

Doc H

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Just curious - my new GX apparently has one hole stripped where the right front license plate screw goes into the bumper. On inspection, it looks like there is just a threaded hole in the plastic - no reinforcement, no bolster, no metal grommet, nothing. If you remove your plates once a year to change the sticker, I can see this lasting about three or four years before both screws will be stripped, and I'm not sure how you would repair it. Seems like a bit cheap for a $60K car? My daughter's Impala, for example, had metal threads in the bumper. Or is it just me?

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I am not sure how big the registration stickers are in DC, but here in MA, they are pretty small. I don’t have to remove the plate to stick them on. The holes on the bumper when the plate screws in are reinforce, but they can strip if it’s over tighten. They are certainly not design for removal annually. If it’s a new GX, get the dealer to repair that strip screw.

Good Luck

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Thanks G Man! Will definitely have the dealer inspect; thought maybe there was an after-market backing or something to put behind the bumper to reinforce.

Doc H.

Usually, they just use a bigger screw or a plastic anchor.

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