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Leather Seat Abrasions - Now What?

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:angry: Had my near new 07 GX 470 in for service this week and now notice several small micro abrasions on the divers seat side bolster. These dots, each the size of a pen tip, appear to have gone through the factory leather coating.

I've got a call into the dealer to see what they will do but before I press on them hard, would a repair attempt make matters potentially worse?

I would almost feel more comfortable attempting a repair by myself if anyone has any recomendations for touch up as I'm extremely handy and mechanically inclined.

The average person would probably blow it off, but I'm pretty particular, especially with a near new, expensive vehicle.

Thanks in advance.

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At first suggest they attempt to repair it, and if that doesn't work to your liking, ask them to replace it. Make sure you allow them to try repairing it first, and act very unsatisfied afterwards and you'll have good luck getting them to replace it.

You may be satisfied with the repairs; they have a guy that comes in and does a pretty good job.

Take it from me, a similar situation has happened to me and i got them to replace it.

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I would have the dealer do it. if you do it and mess it up NO WARRANTY! The dealer wants you to be happy.

I do 7 lexus dealers{interior dyeing and repair] if you have questions feel free to call 847/778-0963

Good advice-suggest you listen and action

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Thanks to all who replied.

I am hoping to get some satisfaction from the Service Manager as my Service Advisor is on indefinite leave of absence (wonder what he did?). I wasn't told this until after I left two VM's and two e-mails for the guy and was getting ready to blast him for not getting back to me.

I'll post a follow up as to the outcome...


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Are you sure the dealership is the one who caused the damage? Most of the time people are more acute of "changes" in the car after dropping it off for service when in actuality they were always there (like noises, scratches, dings, etc) but only notice it after receiving the car as they are more aware of the car again.

Not saying that this is the case in your scenario, but I would think the metal attachments on the back of jeans (if you wear them in your car) could have caused those tears.

Good luck.

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