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Trak/off Vcs&ck Engine Light All On


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Our 2002 RX 300 has about 50K miles on it. Just had an oil change done about 3 weeks ago and now three weeks later the TRAK/OFF, VSC & CK engine light all stay on. My first thought was to check the hose behind the air cleaner box but it appears secure. I also checked the gas cap and it appears to be holding pressure properly. I also disconnected the battery to reset the code but after starting the engine all three lights come on in about 20-30 seconds. Anyone have any ideas before I go get the code read?

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Go to your local Autozone store and get a free code read, post them here. Also look under the forums for the same problem. there are a lot of entrys but generally it is Air/fuel ratio sensors on the exhaust manifolds. (look kind of like oxygen sensors)

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