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Warranty Info For Lx470


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I just picked up a 2002 LX470. I was wondering if someone could guide me where I could get an extended warranty for the car and also what price range should I be looking at.

It has a navi and 71k miles.


You should consider getting an Extended Warranty from your closes Lexus dealer and no one else.

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Thanks Lag Jr for the response.

I will look in to it with my local lexus dealer.


i have an 05 with less than 30k miles. i was quoted between 2600-2900 for the extended warranty. they gave me a range because they said they might give me a discount. once i went over 30k miles, the cost would be higher. hth

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Once you're over 60K mi, the cost goes way up. I don't know if it's worth it for $3K if you're only 30K mi from 100K, the limit. The most common problems are (1) starter contacts wear out, typically around 85-100K mi, cost around $700 for dealer to install a new starter. The other is the exhaust manifolds may crack around 100K mi or so, $1.5K to replace one. Other than that, the warranty is really saving you if something major happens. Now if you had a 2000 LX, I'd say definitely buy one, as the 2000 and some 2001's have had tranny failures, most at under 100K mi due to a defective part.

FWIW, I have the platinum CPO warranty, 5 yr/100K for my '03. The CPO and extended warranties do NOT cover stuff like weather seals, mouldings, hinges, any glass or pieces that come connected to glass (like plastic tracks & mouldings that crack that are only sold w/ the window), any interior squeaks, rattles, etc. The only part that has "failed" is a moulding on the leading edge of the driver's side rear quarter window. That part is primarily cosmetic, but prone to crack and only sold as part of the window. Dealer wouldn't replace it under warranty, saying it's part of the window, and the warranty doesn't replace glass.

I do recommend you get the lexus credit card. I got one when I bought my vehicle in Jan '06. You get 1.5% of any purchase to go towards any purchase at your dealer (or 5% if purchased at a lexus dealer), including service, parts, etc. So far, I have over $1K worth that I can spend on service, so it looks like my timing belt and water pump change at 90K a couple years down the road will be free.

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