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Dynamic Cruise Control

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I just purchased a 2008 RX400h yesterday. I'm slowly learning how to utilize the many features, but one that I need right away is the "dynamic or laser" cruise control. I've followed the instructions in the user guide, watched the video describe it's activation several times, but still can't get it to operate. I'm missing something here - can anyone help me?

Many thanks!

Gary Bowler

New York, NY :blink:

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I don't have Laser Cruise on my '08 400h, but if it's like the one on my '04 Sienna, you just activate cruise control like normal (push the stalk button IN) and when you get to the desired speed, flip the lever down.

It should maintain that speed (maybe with a digital LCD readout in the instrument panel) until you approach a slower moving vehicle at which time your 400h will slow down and maintain a set distance.

That distance can be shortened by pushing the other SMALL button IN toward you. The distance defaults to largest, and each push lessens it. There are three settings - when you push the button IN, it cycles thru the three distances and then starts over at the largest.

You also should be able to cancel laser cruise and activate tradtional cruise by immediately pullling the stalk toward you after turning the cruise on. The cruise indicator light should change on the panel.

BTW, in laser cruise, it only bumps up/down your speed in 5 mph increments, which is a minor hassle IMO.

Once again, this applies to the Sienna laser cruise, but I'm guessing it's the same for the RX.

There's another member here who has opined on the laser cruise. Maybe he'll chime in, too.

Good luck.

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the dynamic laser cruise control is an option on the 2008 rx400h so first of all is it included on your vehicle? This option will work at speeds only over 45mph, then push the on off button on the cruise control, both cruise and RADAR READY have to appear on the multi information display, then set your constant cruising speed, and then use the distance switch on the steering wheel to set for long, middle or short. if any warning lights are flashing on the panel, no distance setting can be made. you will have to reset the information each time the car is turned on and off. read your manual because the distance settings are only approximations based on the speed you travel and how fast the car in front of you slows.

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