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92 Ls400 Hell?


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hello all,

ive owned a 92' LS400 for about two years now. Suddenly today within 5 minutes, the car started to spudder at about 2000rpm and white smoke from under mid car started to come out. Later when i got home, i reved it to about 2500 rpm in the drive way. No way near the usual in terms of speed at which it reached rpms. after i shut it down and looked under the car, the exhaust were glowing a bright red-orange!! it was running at low rpms in neuteral for about 2 minutes!!.

this is my dads car that he uses to get to work so do you guys have any suggestions??

thanks in advance,


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I had a similar problem with my 94LS recently, and it was caused by Mr. Stupid (me) incorrectly installing a wire to the lower ignition coil. I had broken the clamp that holds it in place. When it loosened, I could drive it home, but at half speed. The cats were red hot. Doubt if this is your problem, but you never know. Best of luck....

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