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Wtb: Sc300 5 Speed

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I've sold my Italian friend, and my darling wife has permitted me to take a portion (a relatively small portion, mind you) and look for a "fun car." I have a 1988 Mercedes-Benz 300E for travel, vacation, etc., but after having a '73 2002tii, '94 Miata R, and '78 308gt4, I just can't see driving the Merc all the time. It's a great car and all, but not much fun.

Was looking at Porsche 944S2, but too much $ and potential problems with inadequate servicing of the belt/tensioner, etc. areas, then started looking around for a '89 or (good luck) '90 RX7 GTUs (model, not plural of GTU) but hard to find and I'm not convinced of the longevity of the 13B engine. So, remembering a drive in a 5 speed SC300, thought I'd start looking around. If anyone has one for sale, please feel free to ply me with pictures and details. Condition is very important, as a well maintained car with high miles doesn't scare me. But, one caveat. NO RUST ANYWHERE, PLEASE. (sorry for shouting, but I really mean it.)

I have the money, (not a lot, but should be enough) for the "right" car I'll travel (won't be the first time, or probably not the last, either) or send a friend with a transporter (second choice.)

Thanks a lot,

Tom Reynolds

Hereford, AZ

P.S. Any leads to Lexus owners who autox or track their cars in the Tucson area would be appreciated. (See my SC300 review at

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