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Arggghhh! What Did I Do To These Wipers-


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I was putting in new wipers on our 1996 LS and was having probelms with them and finally got the old ones off but these new Autozone ones dont fit in right. I think I may have broken something on the old one. Dang. I was going to call Lexus tomorrow and see what I did but wanted to check here and on a parts site first. Is this what I need?


The thing on the bottom does look like it would hold the wiper into that weird arm on there. Hope it doesnt rain in the AM or Im stuck!


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I wonder if its the wrong blade then? I will call Lex and report back. Thx for the help! Bosch were the ones one the car before.

As a general rule someone at the parts house where you bought them would be glad to do the install.

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Thanks for all the help guys! I called Lex on Friday and they said it was just a regular blade and they had them for $44 :0. By 11 I had new Bosch blades and two new bulbs for the rear thanks to Advanced Auto.

Thanks again for the help!! I thought b/c the arm was so weird that it needed a special insert for certain types of blades.

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