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New Blk Housing Heads, Hks Exhaust, And Trd Lip!


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Lookin good! Are those AAC headlights? And are you going to black out the taillights also?

Yes the front headlights are ACC style, as far as the back goes i think im just going to get them "tinted" or smoked w/e they call it but i aint gonna do it nasty like everyone else those and completely black it out, just a light tint that makes it look smoked just to match, Also with the fogs.

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Put the truck in parking for a second lol, my headlights are just black satin housings, those lights are just my HIDS when they are first turned on lol, i didnt go for halos because of its troubles with water, and cold weather.

As far as me having an intake no i haven't really made up my mind if i want to or not. My main problem is that my IS is slow man lol i mean is not like its slower than most of the cars out there but more like in between my friends, Civic SI, Mustang GTS, camaros, evos, a 1.8t jetta with steroids and like me with an is300 and exhaust and cant smack talk anyone, don't get me wrong i dont even try to compete with the GT or evo but more on the cars around my HP n still cant do NUTHIN lol =(. I want power but if boost is the only way than thats alot of CASH so if i where to even think about it than i would have to save alot so i dont know whats next. Im thinking Rims but than i am thinking of the SRT intake but not sure if that would even make a diff.

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