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Is there some problems with the IS300 trany. My appears to be doing some odd shifting these days. It seems like the trany is shifting a little too early at a light, down shift seems a little hard. I dont run this car hard at all, get 300+ miles to the tank etc. Does anyone have any insight. could it be as simple as a trany oil change......?

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No, no real tranny issues that come up often that I can see. You might have a speed sensor going bad, or a dirty MAF. Maybe clean the MAF with electronic parts cleaner and then try doing an ECU reset. Disconnect the negative battery terminal for ten minutes. Then pump the brakes 10 times, and then wait a few more minutes, pump the brakes 10 times again and then reconnect the battery. Start it, let it idle for about 3-5 minutes, and take it for a test drive. If it keeps happening after that I would take it in and have them check the speed sensor.

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