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1995 Ls400 Brake Rotors


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a year ago i changed rotors and pads and shims and it made such a big difference you would not even beleive.

btw i used all stock parts. they are cheap if you buy them online and with your 4 piston front calipers it doesnt really matter if you use drilled or slotted unless of course you are a really aggressive driver and tend to overheat your brakes or want to stop on the dime. slotted rotors will reduce your pad life by a lot and drilled rotors, if not drilled in proper locations can disintegrate and seriously damage your car. ive seen this on my friends maxima and it was not pretty.

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you can put on the supra big brake kit from stop tech. it will look cool. but if you do that you will need to have a bigger wheal(19'and up)

your 93 LS has a completely different caliper and rotor

your has only 1 or 2 pistons,

while 95 and up has 4 pistons in the caliper, 2 on each side. the stock rotor size is 13 inch. stock supra size is 12 inch at least thats what my friends 89 supra has.

so im not sure how second gen LS would benefit from using supra brake kit. plus its not an easy job to convert it. i think supra is using 4 lug pattern while ls is 5 lug.

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