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Sc 300 - New Owner Questions

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I recently purchased a 1994 SC 300 with 167k miles - it runs well and has been serviced on a regular basis. I have (2) questions:

1) There are several lights out behind the "buttons" on the center console. For example, the front and rear defroster buttons do not illuminate, nor does the "off" switch for the fan. This makes it difficult to see the buttons at night, or early in the morning. How difficult is it to change these lights? Any advice/instructions are appreciated.

2) When I turn-on the A/C or heat, I get a musty there a filter to replace? How can I resolve this problem? Again, any suggestions are appreciated.

Lastly, how many miles can I expect to get out of this vehilce (assuming I continue to maintain and change the oil on a regular basis)?



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As far as we're concerned, this car will last you forever. Some say Toyota's last 250-300k miles, but that's bull. my SC just crossed the 200k mile block, and is still purring.

For the musty odor, the vent intake is just under your wiper blades(outside). Take some Lysol or mildew remover, spray it, and blast the AC for 10 minutes. Reapply as needed.

Finally, getting to those burned out displays, you'll have to spend some time removing the following items:

-brown side covers

-unscrew the main units from the dash

-disconnect the cables,

-and start unscrewing the unit.

Be careful when you remove the plastic coverings. They can be expensive.

Good luck

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just curious but my 95 sc400 has a cabin filter unit mounted below the glove box. does the sc300 not have the same unit?

i pull the plastic panel below the glove box and remove two wing-nuts to get to the filter. i had the same odor problem

till i replaced this filter.

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