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Steering Moves On 2-3 Gearshift


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My steering kind of of swerves a little bit on 2nd to 3rs shift. I am not exactly sure, but I think it tends to go towards right. It's more prominent if I am going on a slight curve rather than straight when that shift happens. Any idea what that could be? Car has 116k miles. 3 months ago, I was told by toyata folks I might need new struts/mounts, which I have not yet taken care of. Could that have anything to do with it?

Also, how do I tell if I need new control arm? About 7 months ago, another shop said my right control arm was getting bad and would eventually need replacement. However, when I had the car inspected at toyota later, they only mentioned the struts/mounts but nothing about control arm. Any ideas will be appreciated.

Please let me know if you guys need any further details, I don't know what else to include.


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My '98 does sort of the same thing. The steering wheels moves left & right a little bit, I hear a rattle when I drive over dips or bumps. My mechanic said the car has new struts but not strut mounts (front & rear) and they and the rear sway bar links need to be replaced. About $927 parts/labor and of course an alignment after the mounts are replaced.

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