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Squeaky Wiper Blades


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The Toyota dealership just serviced my LS430 and replaced the wiper blades. The blades use to be quite when working however, since they replaced them they squeak when they hit the top of the windshield area and start the return down and when they hit the downspot and start to go up again. They replaced the new blades however, I have the same problem. I know this is little issue however, it drives me nuts, especially when the old blades were completely silent. Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks.

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They are kind of a pain. Stop the car with the wipers in the up position, then try to fandangle the wipers off.

Took me a few tries :lol:

Well, I got that far, I just can't figger out what to push/pull to get the damn things off!

To the original poster, I wonder if they bent your wiper arms when they replaced the blade?

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