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Oh $hit! Gumballs In The Way Of The Shifter


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Not my finest moment...Just got my 1999 Gs 400 all detailed and polished up. Filled one of the cup holder spaces with the small gumballs as I like to chew a few during the day and after meals, closed the cover which promptly force 2-3 gumballs under the cover hinge..tried to fish them out with a wooden stick... only managed to push them out of the way...cover closed just fine thank you so I'm ready to go... Started up the beast tried to shift to go..couldn't shift!! Oh crap gumballs blocking the shifter from moving... tried serveral times to shift luck...said a quick prayer " Dear Lord , Please don't let my first trip out of my garage be on a tow truck"... tried one more time and volia! reverse and I'm off! Only once since (4 days now) have I had the slightest hitch shifting. Which finally brings me to my Forum question ( hope you all have at least been amused so far) Do I need to pay big bucks to have the whole shifter (100-200$) collum/panel removed right away? Can I do it later when it's in the shop for another issue? Can I ignore it completely as it won't cause any further issues. I don't know. Any thoughts from those who know what's under there in the shifter area?? Thanks again. Love the car :D

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Welcome to the forum. I just recently had my console apart in order to change the gear indicator bulb and it was a snap. Here's a link to the thread that provides a step-by-step method, courtesy of BananaGS Lexus DIY page:

As you use the forum you'll see that many of your questions have been addressed previously by other members. One of the best "getting started" tips is to use the Search feature on the forum. In many cases, you can get answers right away rather than waiting for a member to respond.

Once again, welcome. :D

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