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Europe Maps On A North American Gps

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I just bought a 2008 RX350 and then decided to accept a position in Stuttgart, Germany. I will be taking the car with me. Does anyone know if it's possible to switchover to European maps on the GPS Nav? Is it a dealer only change, or something that can be done DIY? If dealer must perform, any ideas about what that will cost?

Also, I've been reading some posts about 5.1 vs. 6.x firmware. How do I tell what I have?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions for the newbie!

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When I asked Lexus corporate about taking my U.S. spec LS400 to Switzerland for one year in the early 1990's I was told that there would be no warranty coverage while the car was outside the U.S. or Canada. Has their policy changed?

I later found out that, while Euro spec LS400s didn't look all that different the U.S. spec ones, there were actually many differences that could have made getting repairs rather difficult. BTW, Lexus cars sold in Germany had to conform to requirements (e.g. rear lights) that were different than in adjacent countries.

My suggestion would be to leave your RX at home and lease a car in Germany. The maps in your GPS are the least of your concerns.

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Unfortunately the European map will not function in a North American vehicle. Supposedly different cpus in the navigation computer. If you try to order a European map disc, there is a disclaimer that says it will not function in North American cars.

As far as warranty, its spelled out clearly in you warranty booklet. I suggest you take look at it.

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