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Problems With Your GX 470?

Click on the "NOT MINOR" problem  

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  1. 1. Click on the "NOT MINOR" problem

    • Clunking of transmission upon stopping
    • Air Conditioner cycling too often
    • Sound System Problems
    • Acceleration hesitation
    • Dead Battery
    • Electrical Gremlins
    • Vibration from drive shaft at speed
    • Noise in dash

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Trying to get a handle on the number of "OWNERS" who have been experiencing problems with their GX470 and what seems to be the most common.

Thanks :ph34r:

Feel Free to add your comments as a post to help explain your issues as well

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Too bad you can only vote once in your poll -- I have other problems as well, at least 3 additional ones that I experience.

Air Conditioner not cold enough in hot weather

Acceleration hesitation -- wife's big complain

Vibration from drive shaft at speed -- yep felt that, several times, in a curve, accelerating around 2K RPM and 50 MPH

This car seems to have too many defects -- very UN-Lexus-like... very disappointed

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I love my GX470. Nothing's perfect and it doesn't have any more issues than any other luxury SUV. These types of threads got out of control at Club Lexus, it seems people may have some unrealistic expectations that even Lexus can't meet.

Check any other manufacturer's board and read about the problems those owners are experiencing and it will put it in perspective for you.

BTW, we've felt the clunk once, the vibration is the most ridiculous complaint I've ever heard, it's barely perceptible, everything else is awesome.

If I could change anything, I'd make the seat extend further under my legs and make the back window power down.

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