Don't Do What I Did - Trunk And Glovebox

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A couple of days ago while shopping, I returned to the car to get something out of the glove box. When my wife and I returned to the car, we couldn't open the trunk. The button outside wouldn't do it, and neither would the button inside. My wife's purse and other stuff we needed were in the trunk.

We drove to our local Lexus dealer, who was closed on Sunday.

I tried to refer to the manual, but it was in the trunk, too.

So after getting home, I got a flashlight and a coat hanger, opened the ski hatch in the middle of the rear seats, and with a flashlight, found the emergency trunk open handle (in case someone gets locked in the trunk). I hooked that handle with the coat hanger, and pulled. Because I wasn't pulling down, but instead pulling out, I broke off the plastic emergency handle. (By the way, it is glow-in-the-dark, so it was easy to find with the flashlight).

So now I broke the handle and still couldn't get in the car.

So I called Lexus roadside assistance. In less than a minute, the person on the phone there had me open the glove box, and check the lockout button. I didn't even know the car had one, and I'm a gadget guy. Missed that in the manual. Anyway, I must have inadvertantly pressed it when I got stuff out of the glove box. After releasing that pushbutton, the trunk could open just fine.

The pushbutton is so that you can lock out valet parkers, etc. from the trunk. After you open the glove box, you will find the button on the bottom-left side.

Kudos to Lexus Roadside Assistance for giving very practical help, and to my wife for being understanding. Now I have to replace the handle, but that shouldn't be a big deal.

Wife says no need to rush to replace the handle, because I'm the only one who might get stuffed into the trunk!

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