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Newbee - With Window Switch / Door Lock Issue

Cathy's Rx300

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New to the Club...looks like a lot of great info here.

I have two issues

The first - drivers window does not auto down or up any longer it stops after moving a few inches. Is it a bad switch ($600 OMG!!) is there a relay.

The second is the drivers door doesn't alway lock or unlock using the fob. Other doors do but not the drivers. I've checked the fuse but nothing else.

Can these 2 items be somehow related???

Thanks in advance :)

00 RX300

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I have the same problem with my doors, but it's on all four! I brought it to the dealership and they want $1800 to fix it, said it was the actuators??? I brought it to another shop and they said $1600 to fix it. Apparently the actuators cost $1000 and labor was $600. That's a bit rediculous if you ask me.

As far as the window, I had that problem on all four windows and when I brought it in to have the doors looked at, I picked up the car and they mysteriously work now! :) Maybe something was loose, I don't have a clue.

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Try disconnecting the battery for a few minutes that might clear up the problem. There is a controller in the door and that might reset it.

good luck.

Wanted to thank you. I disconnected the battery for a few minutes and the problem was solved.


'Cathy's Rx300'-

Did the reset take care of the door lock problem? My daughter-in-laws 99 Rx300 had problems with the door locks (both fronts and intermittent on one rear) and I could not handle the $1300.- price for 4 locks and tax so I found another way out. I used 4 locks from late Ford product (which I got for free) and fabricated linkage and mounted them in the doors down below the original locks and they work fine. They have been in for over a year and a half and haven't missed a beat. There is an existing arm and hole that I was able to use to "piggy-back" the linkage onto. You have to leave all the existing locks in place because of all the interaction with the sunroof and other systems that are linked with the locks thru the computer. Actually the cheap universal locks that you can find all over e-bay for $5-10 dollars also will work fine- it's just that I was able to get these for free and it saved me $1300. By the way I cracked 3 of them apart and the tinny little brushes in the tinny little Chinese (yes,original equipment!) motors were just worn out. I just super-glued them back together. Hope this helps.

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