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Mp3 File Structure

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I have a couple of related problems....

1) I tried to name the music files as follows:


Asuming that the radio would play them in alphabetical order, but it didn't.

I really couldn't decipher any rhyme or reason to the way it ordered the songs.

I understand that there is an option to play the songs in a random order, but I have turned that off.

2) Next to get around this, I thought I would make each Album its own directory. Now the radio only displays 9 out of the 12 directories.

I am able to see everything the way I think it should be(in order, all the directories) if I put the disc into a PC, but not in the car.

I own a '08 RX350.

Any suggestions, work arounds, or is this a know issue in the software of the radio?

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I had the same problem. With little bit of R&D, I found out following:

* All file names and folder names should be less than 32 characters in length

* There should be only letters and numbers and no special characters like #$_ etc in file/folder names.

Once the CD is burned with these two conditions satisfied for file and folder names, the CD player recognizes all the structures and songs correctly and renders playback in alphabetical order.

Altenatively if you have the rear DVD system, it can recognize any files/folders without this limitation and will playback everything well. Only issue is that you have to load and unload by going to back of vehicle!

Hope this helps....

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