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Shortblock Or Longblock?


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My 92 is currently competely gutted (interior, engine bay, etc). Doing an autocross project with it because I don't drive it and can't say goodbye to it. But thats besides the point. Ive replaced the tranny with a somewhat built one with a 2000 stall. When it comes to the engine, I want to run just a single turbo set-up (7-10psi). Will a standard shortblock with my stock "30,000 mile" heads from Japan work or do I need to build the block myself and try to find forged pistons and new heads. I haven't been able to find forged pistons anywhere for the 3vzfe.. Thanks, I'm looking forward to this toy.

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as long as you have the engine out of the car, and you dont see any visible damage, or excessive wear on the pistons, bearings, rods, piston rings, etc. and the heads only have 30K on them. get cryo'd lift bolts. and that engine should be good for 400HP/400TQ without too much compromise on reliability

as for the trans. I have no idea what thats rated for. that 3VZ is one overbuilt engine from the factory and thats why I love it!

hope that helps a bit!


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