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Gs350 Awd Purchasing Advice

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I am in the market for a new GS350 AWD with the ML sound package (priced at $5531) in the upstate NY area.

I priced the car on the website and the MSRP (Dest. included) came to $52396.

Pricing the vehicle on showed an Invoice of $46380.

Any advice/comments on what I should expect to pay would be appreciated?


(I am looking to acquire the vehicle in the next two weeks, not that this would influence anyone's response.)

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I would call around the dealers in your area to see what they have in stock. The price on Edmunds is nice to use as a reference, but Lexus usually bundle the ML option with bunch of other options. To see what option packages are bundled with the ML in your area. You need to go to the Lexus web site and use the built your own GS function. Enter your zip code in and you will see all the option packages in your region. My guess is that any GS with the ML syetem will MSRP for about $54000 to $55000. For a non ML GS, expect to pay about invoice to $1500 over invoice. Since ML GS is harder to find, expect to pay more.

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Thanks for your input G Man.

The price quote i stated in my note of $52396 was from the Lexus website.

On the edmunds pricing, I made sure to include all the options that were in my ML bundle package that I included.

Your input on the $1500 over invoice is greatly appreciated. Thanks again.

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Dont forget to add the Lexus advertising fee the invoice which is usually $600 to $800 and the dealer finanical reserve which is another $600 to $800. When in doubt, just ask the dealer to show you his invoice sheet.

So if I understand correctly, I need to add the the two stated amounts totalling $1200~1400 in addition to the $1500 over invoice?

Also, I have read a couple of posts where people have purchased GSs for $47XXX OTD. I assume OTD does not include tax, title, registration, etc. Is this a correct assumption?

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OTD includes all those fees and taxes but taxes can varies depending on where you live and if you have a trade in or not. I just paid $47000 for a 08 GS350 AWD, not out the door though. You can do better than $1500 over invoice if you are willing to do some research and shop around. Start by emailing all the internet managers in your area and ask for invoice price and go from there. If you buy at the end of the month or even better at the end of the quarter, you can get better deals. Remember, anything is negociable, the 2 fees I have mentioned above and even the Documentation fee.

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