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3rd Brake Light

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I wonder if the bulb fault indicator on the dash will light up after you cut the wires. Can you see the wires for the high mounted brake light when you remove the housing? I can see the wires when I remove the housing in my LS to change bulbs.

Why not leave the existing high mounted brake light working? It's going to be obvious that your GS was not equipped at the factory with a rear spoiler anyway unless you remove the brake light housing from the rear shelf. I see lots of cars with both a rear window brake light and an aftermarket spoiler.

It's not like the spoiler is going to do anything in terms of providing better performance. It's mainly cosmetic but it sure can make parking easier.

After being hit in the back a few times, I wouldn't mind having another set of high mounted brake lights on my LS!

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B) I just put a spoiler on my 2001 GS300 with the led's, but cann't figure out how too either take the bulbs out of the third brake light or cut the wires and cap them. I didn't see any way too get to it from the trunk. Thanks for any help or reply! Rock On!

I think 1990LS has a point about the bulb failure indicator lighting up. Rather than disconnecting or removing the bulbs, if you're concerned with the aesthetics, just block cyclops with some black cover stock over the red lens (between the lens and the glass. Easy way out.

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im guessing by third brake light you mean the one inside the car under the windshield. if you have put on a spoiler with an LED and brake then your car should look like a chirstmas tree. if you want to turn the one inside the car off. its very simple. get inside the car and you can pick up the whole light itself. its not bolted or glued or anything, its just been clipped on. play around with it and it will come off easily. then just disconnet the only wire.

minutes after on your dash an orange brake malfunction light will go on. this is very simple too. all you have to do is take off the bulb. what you do is pull that circular guage cover off. again its not bolted or anything it just comes off. after taking it off youll see 4 (i think) bolts which easily come off with a 12mm. after taking that off just remove the brake bulb. then tap yourself on the back. Job well done, hopefully. that should put an end to this forum.

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