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Won't Start After Attempted Usaspec Install


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Found multiple sites claiming a USASPEC PA12-TOY ipod adapter would work with my 04 SC430. Confirmed with a guy at USASPEC, but after calling and talking to the right people, USASPEC has nothing to work with the SC430.

After the "install", the first time they started the car it did not sound correct, but it drove home fine (no stops). Radio, nav, seat warmers, climate all appear to work properly. I doubt they disconnected the battery, but pretty sure they disconnected the radio. Now the car will not start, nothing, nada, not even click click click (like a low battery). The steering wheel does not even come out when I put the key in. No lights on the dash either. I don't believe a light or anything was left on but I did not have time to check this morning, had to get to work :).

The security light to the left of the steering wheel blinks, but that is about all. Did not check the overhead lights.

So if it is a dead batter from a light or something left on, no problem.

Is there anything with the security system that would make it not start, or anything in the dash area that if not connected or loosely connected would cause this?



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