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Remote Key Isn't Working

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Tuesday, Feb 12th 2008...Today I noticed that the key would not fit into the ignition of my 2006 RX400h. It finally did after a few tries of jiggling. It was a little scary as I was in a shop where I was blocking the entrance! Anyway, it finally turned and I went home. I got out, pressed the button on my key.... nothing. None of the buttons worked. Has this happened to anyone? I had to turn the key in the door to lock up, imagine that!...sheesh.... The back hatch is also affected and I have to open it the ol' fashioned way by brute force,will and might. Anyway, before I take it in tomorrow to Lexus, I thought maybe someone had a quick, easy fix. Rey

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isnt there a battery in the lexus key? do you see the red light flash on the button side of the key when you press anything on it? If the red light isnt flashing when keys are pushed the battery in the key is dead. There is a good chance you can just replace the battery in the key with the correct size from radio shack, however i have never had to do this. When i called my dealer they said the radio shack batteries will work, however not last as long, and their replacement batteries for about $6.00 cost about the same.

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Thanks for the response guys. It was both my keys as I said, and that's what made it a concern. It was weird because earlier the key wouldn't even fit as if I was in the wrong car! it was like a Twilight Zone episode...doodidooda-doodidooda....

OK, here's the end of the story and sorry if I made it so that you would have a hard time sleeping tonight wondering my fate...It's OK now! I later went out to my car, pushed the button, bing-bing....doors unlock, bing-bing...hatch opens...weird.... Everything works fine now! The Lexus guys told me it was weird to them also but to bring it in but now it all seems fine and as if NOTHING happened. Sorry for the scare, we can all go back in our homes, emergency is over and all is well in the land of Rey. Thanks for the quick response. I knew it wasn't the battery when I took my spare key and the same thing happened. I still don't know what it was, passing asteroid?... but I am just going to pretend it never happened. I get my front end customized tomorrow... pictures to follow..... Rey

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