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08 Gs 350 Awd & After Market Rims, Photo's Please

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I purchased a 08 GS 350 AWD with 17" rims that just have to go. I understand that the very large brake calipers makes my choices limited for for buying 18" or 19" after market rims. If any other members with AWD have purchased different rims could you post your photo's? I know that I can go to the Tire Rack page and find a few rims and view them on a GS350 but it just isn't the same as looking at a real photo.

I'm a die hard believer that great looking rims makes or breaks the appearance of a car, and I can't believe that a Lexus would come from the factory with a 17" wheels.

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is it only the AWD that comes with 17's? Mine came with 18's but then again, mine is rear wheel so i dunno. i did have problems with my rims though. i was able to put a nice FAT lip on the back, but the front is very nancy looking. im highly dissapointed. I hate seeing these piece of *BLEEP* chrysler C's with their 5 inch lips all around. *BLEEP*es me off.

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