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1999 Es300


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I have replaced the low beams with fair easy, but for the life of me can't figure out how to get to the area to replace a blown turn signal (front) on this car. I tried googling around, but unfortunately, didn't turn up anything helpful.

Thanks in advance.

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Its hard to get an answer when you don't give us the model year that you need the answer for. I'll assume it was like my wife's previous 97 ES 300. You have to pull the entire turn signal assembly out from the front of the car in this case. The lens assembly has two or three fingers or pins moulded into its body that slide into holes in the fender and front end. They are tight enough fitting to stay in place on their own, but a single screw is inserted through a tab of the assembly into the top of the radiator support. You'll find that screw under the thin plastic cover that sits over the radiator support, when you pop up the plastic plug nearest the turn signal. To pull the turn signal assembly out, tape up a putty knife (to prevent scratching the paint) and slide it between the turn signal lens body and the fender, into the seam farthest from the front of the car. Grasp the putty knife as close to the body of the car as possible and give a sharp tug towards the front of the car. The entire signal lens assembly should pop out towards the front of the car, allowing you to unwind the bulb socket from its backside and change the bulb. Hope this helps!

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