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Confusion About Knock Sensor/nox Sensor And Transmission Problems.


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I had a problem for a while where the car wouldnt properly shift into 4th gear, or it would stay in 4th gear when I came to a stop. So i took it to have it looked at and 4th gear was shot in my transmission, they rebuilt the transmission and replaced the KNOCK sensor as it was showing as bad on the scanner. After getting my car back, it started doing the same thing again. are knock and NOX the same thing or are they two different sensors. I know a knock sensor doesnt have anything to do with shifting gears so thats why im really confused. I read in another forum someone had the EXACT same problem abnd they replaced the NOX sensor and it fixed the problem.

Can anyone shed some light on this for me? I'm trying to avoid paying alot more money than needed to get this fixed, been without a car for over a week now. :(

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I apologize if my post is confusing.

This is the forum post that helped add to my confusion..


Now, we replaced the knock sensor, and rebuilt the transmission, but the car is still having problems shifting into 4th gear. My problem is identicle to the one described in that link. My mechanic said the sensor was attached to the engine block, under a manifold.

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