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'05 Es330 Transmission "hunting"


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I purchased a new 2005 ES330 and since the day I purchased it the transmission "hunts" or studders when slowing down and then accelerating. I take my car into the Lexus dealer for all the oil changes/services and ask them every time and the service guys act like I am the only one with this problem. However, now that I have read the forums I see that it is a chronic 330 problem. Is there a permenent fix for this I can reference with them?? Who can I contact? I am at 35K miles and don't want this to be a warranty issue. If there is no fix by Lexus, it will be the last one I purchase.


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Speak with the service manager directly about this & have it documented. I beleive they can reset things for you to see if that helps. Suprisingly, the Canadian ES models are not effected by this problem due to the different emission regulations.

Welcome to the club btw. B)


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