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Medic! Yota Down!


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Sooo...i finally figured out my gas mileage myth...only took 2 years.

I was minding my own business, driving on fort drum on my way home for my lunch break...no big deal right? i stop at a stop sign and go to get going again and sputter sputter sputter...die...crank sputter sputter sputter...CEL...sputter...i take my !Removed! (at 25 MPH, spitting smoke and gasoline out of the tailpipe) the 10 miles to the dealer i go to (Dealmaker Honda, where i bought the car) and have it diagnosed...im not gonna screw with it, it has a 100,000 mile Honda Care extended service plan. 2 hrs later i find out that it has a ****load of stuff wrong with it...

First, the #1 fuel injector went out, then coincedentally (and unrelated) the #1 ignition coil pack went out... then as a result of the Dead Cylinder, it spit out the fuel through the exhaust and blew my O2 sensor, the cat was burned up also as a result.

Technician said the Injector was probably faulty from the start and eventually got stuck open...hence my bad fuel mileage...in 10 miles, i burned/spit out about 4 gallons of gas...

soooooooo....$850 of someone elses money later, im in a loaner honda civic and i owe these guys nothing cause i bought that warranty...its already paid for itself!

anyway, we will see how my mileage improves when i get the car back on tues..

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Army MAN, great to see you back in the good ole' U.S of A! Got all your fingers and toes? I hope SWO's question is answered with the Ford and not the Matrix. If it is the Matrix, then it must be Pontiac's fault! Or Mrs. Army has been running rocket fuel through there again. I have a feeling around the Army MAN's house, there might be a pint or two of that stuff out in the garage! :cheers:

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Yep, it's his Matrix....the Ford is sold. ;) BTW, Josh, I hope you are doing ok today (since you had to go in to the fight with no back-up! lol)! hahaha

yeah everything is fine LOL. she just wouldnt stop tickling me LMAO

yes it was the matrix, and no NC...no rocket fuel...i wish.

im actually glad it happened, maybe now i can go more than 165 miles on 11 gallons of gas...

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