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New High Performance Tuner For Ls Model

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I have been introduced to some people working over here in the UK who are producing a highly tuned version of the LS. I can't say much as I am under a non disclosure agreement, but they do have a minimalist website that has some pictures and info, which I thought might interest a few of you. Will update this post when I get word of something new.

Here is a snippet from the company info page on www.lgt-engineering.com;

"The Lexus LS460 based car is fitted with latest Twin Screw Compressor, the only supercharger that provides a positive displacement design for maximum low-end torque, as well as high efficiency for maximum top-end horsepower. The use of this technology in conjunction with further LGT engine enhancements reliably enables the car to produce in excess of 500bhp without forfeiting low fuel consumption and low emission levels."

Should be a laugh! I will try and get a ride in it and see if I can get them to post some footage on Youtube.


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I wonder if it is only newer cars or the older with no vvt 1uz-fe engines.

Might have a lot to do with the electronically controlled valve timing, which frees up 100+hp by itself! 280hp from the 4.3 to 380hp 4.6....i would love to put one in my 95 LS just for kicks. :lol:

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