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Transmission P0763d

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Ok a while back my 1998 GS300 began to shift weird and then a couple days later the Check Engine came on.

I had the car checked to see what the error code was and it turned out it said it was a Shift Solenoid. I did my research and found that the 98 GS300 actually shipped with 2 different transmission's an A341 or an A650.

I got the transmission part number off the side of my tranny and called the dealer to ask what that transmission was, I was told by the parts department this was an A341. I said Great!! Since www.rostra.com makes shift solenoids for that particular tranny and they are only about $70.00 for a kit of 2, were Lexus sells each at about $250.00 + a piece.

Well I took the new ordered part to a transmissions place to have it installed, once the pan once off they realized that this was not an A341 but rather an A650 tranny thus the part did not fit.

The shop offered a diagnostics test were they would remove each solenoid and put electrical current to find the bad one and have it ordered through Lexus, since they are the only who carry these solenoids for the A650.

Well the total cost out the door was $699.45 ouch!

But the good thing is that my 1998 GS300 is runnng like new again.

I do have the shift solenoids for for the A341 transmission in case anybody needs one. I will let it go for $50.00. This will take care of the P0763D check engine code.

Thank you

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