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P1150 And P1155 - Help With Codes


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I've got an '00 RX300 with 103k on it and got the above codes. I've read a lot about the P1150 (bank 2 sensor 1) but not much about P1155. I believe this is bank 1 sensor 1 (please correct me if I'm wrong). Where is B1S1 located?

These are the only codes I'm getting, any suggestions? I'm going to try and clean my MAF right now.

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OK, I got the sensor, took it home to put it on, and can't get the old one off. I tried for hours. Yes, I did use lube. I then took it to a shop today to see if they could get it off... guess what... nope. This is being a huge pain in the !Removed!.

Any suggestions? I guess I'm going to have to take it to a specialty exhaust shop pay big $.

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