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1998 Ls400 Power Steering Hose


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My girlfriend's dad has a 1998 Lexus LS400, and apparently his pressure power steering hose needs replacing. I have done this on other cars(2000 civic,88 cougar, ect), but no Lexus's yet. Just wondering if anyone has a write-up or some tips/advice or anything that might be able to give me a general idea of what needs to be done before I stick my head under the hood with a rachet.

Thanks in advance.

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Are you sure the High Pressure hose needs replacing and not the fitting and gasket that connet to the pump. I had a similar issuge and the dealer watned to replace the house when what was bad bad was a fitting and gasket the cost about 14 bucks, is the one that connects to the pump from the high pressure hose, take it out and replace it unless you have a hole in the hose that you can actually see. It saved me about 800 bucks and the repair in my case was free.

Make sure you only need this part number 96341-41603 bolt union. of you know basic plumbing you do not even have to buy a new part. Just fix the fitting with sand paper and ATF fluid, it not just spend the money and you should have no problem, if the leaks are only at the bottom, if not then you may have to replace the hose and be sure to check the valve cover for leaks they are notorious for that, they might just need to be tighten or the gaske replaced.


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