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What The Heck!?!?!?


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Is it to keep the intake from jumblin' around or something??? <_<

Given the mass of the intake housing moulding I wouldn't be surprised if they found a few cracked on the early prototypes. That looks like a reinforcing plate for the mounting screws, taking the stress pinch points off the plastic (kind of defeats the purpose of a filter housing if its cracked!)

my 0.02C

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speaking of seafoam.....

I did it to my car. AND took a video. I'm putting it on youtube so I can show you guys. I'll post it in my seafoam topic! :D

And for any non-believers... WOW I cannot believe the difference this stuff made. Smoother and lower idle. The engine runs so much quieter now. I was so suprised...It's almost an unbelieveable difference!!!!

No engine lights, no fouled plugs....no problems at all!

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I never really noticed it on mine, but wasn't looking for it either. Is it magnetic? one that size could be used to pull any metal particles picked up from the road and hold them in place to prevent any tears to the airfilter? Dang, wish I still had my 95' so I could check, that is very interesting!

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